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Aqua Royal (RO+UV+TDS Adjuster)


  1. Advance six stage RO system.
  2. Easy to Clean.
  3. Wide application: wall hanging / Under the counter.
  4. Air tight pressure storage Tank making it compatible to the Refrigerator.
  5. Storage Tank 8 Ltr.
  6. Capacity 10 LPH.
  7. Removes dissolved impurities like Rust, Heavy Metals, Salts & Chemicals.
  8. Retains natural minerals in the purified water by allowing adjustment of TDS.
  9. Fully automatic operation, with auto-on & auto-off.
  10. Double purification by RO+UV with TDS Controller.
  11. Treats the water of borewell & over head tanks and makes it drinkable.
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