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Difference between RO and Water Purifiers

Difference between RO and Water Purifiers

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Difference between RO and Water Purifiers

While your water purifier company might have given you a marvelous demonstration of how to operate and maintain your purifiers; however you might be kept in the dark about the hidden conception and scientific process that dominates in these water filters. It is important for you to know on what basic conception is your filter working. To address such doubts and queries, this article will communicate the positive and negative sides of different water filters.

To start with, water filters mainly come in three variations: UV, RO and UF. UV purifies water by using UV rays. Ro works on Reverse Osmosis conception and UF refers to Ultra filtration concept. UV is more suitable for water treatment plants where water from lakes, rivers and water bodies are treated. RO and UF are ideal for households. The former has a semi-permeable membrane by means of which it kills TDS (Total Dissolved Salts), impurities and dissolved salts in water. The latter is a type of membrane filtration in which hydrostatic pressure forces the water against a semi-permeable membrane. It uses hollow fibers of membrane materials for desalination, unlike RO which not only desalinates but also smoothens and softens water.

Now that you have been introduced to the basic conceptual difference among the filters, let’s have a look at the differences, in details. RO and UV water purifiers require electricity to work. However, UV works with normal tap water pressure whereas RO requires electricity to boost tap water pressure. UF purifiers do not require electricity and functions with normal tap water pressure.

The UV purifiers kill all germs including microorganisms and viruses. It deactivates these microorganisms; however their bodies remain in water. RO purifiers block and remove these impurities and dissolved solid bodies from purified water. In this regard, UF works on same technology as RO, by means of its membrane.

UV and UF are unable to remove dissolved impurities and salts. They simply deactivate the germs but are unable to remove them completely, like RO systems. RO works to make tasty and healthy water by eliminating all TDS particles.

Finally, UV only works on clear water. RO has pre-filtration to work with dirty water. UF purifiers are excellent to work with muddy, dirty turbid waters.

With this, you have finally attained sufficient knowledge about the working of your filter. You can also consult this with your water filter company and be informed about all processes taking place in your filters.

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