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Aquafresh RO Water Purifier Service, AMC & Sale

Aquafresh RO Water Purifier Service, AMC & Sale

Perfect Healthcare

We are one of the best Aquafresh RO Dealer and Aquafresh RO Service Center in Gurgaon, Dwarka, Delhi Cantt, Janakpuri, Vikaspuri or West Delhi. Best product and service guaranteed

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Call us to get the best service or AMC in industry for the Aquafresh RO (all models) in Gurgaon, Dwarka, Delhi Cantt, Janakpuri, Vikaspuri and whole west Delhi. You can bank on us for best quality spares and accessories. We never uses sub standard spares and accessories just to save few bucks or to get new business.

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  • You are searching for Aquafresh RO Dealer or Service center in Gurgaon, Dwarka, Delhi Cantt, Janakpuri, Vikaspuri or whole Delhi
  • Expect nothing less than the best quality service
  • Current service provider is not providing satisfactory service
  • You are ready to pay genuine price for the quality service, spares & accessories

Service Charge for Domestic Ro Rs. 150 (One Hundred Fifty Rupees)

Installation Charge For Domestic Ro Rs.300 (Three Hundred Rupees)

AMC Contract Terms & Conditions for Domestic RO:

Sr. No.MODELAMC PLANPriceServiceFiltersMembraneElectrical PartsPlastic Parts
1.Non Storage ManualNon-Comprehensive2200.00YesYesNoNoNo
2.Non Storage ManualComprehensive3200.00YesYesYesYesYes
3.Ro with StorageNon-Comprehensive2200.00YesYesNoNoNo
4.Ro with StorageComprehensive3500.00YesYesYesYesYes
5.RO+UV with StorageNon-Comprehensive2200.00YesYesNoNoNo
6.RO+UV with StorageComprehensive3500.00YesYesYesYesYes
7.RO (UTC)Non-Comprehensive2200.00YesYesNoNoNo
8.RO (UTC)Comprehensive3500.00YesYesYesYesNo (incl. Faucet)

Water is really very crucial for the survival of all living things on this planet earth. Without water, humans can’t imagine their survival. It is required to keep up their health. But consuming contaminated and polluted drinking water can be hazardous and at time fatal for humans. The contaminated water may carry rust, dirt, lead and other impurities along with it and it must be removed before consumption to avoid further health complications. The potable water may get contaminated with microorganism and microbiological organisms, like bacteria and viruses and presence of these bacteria and viruses can be fatal at times for you. Therefore, to make potable water pure, safe and clean before consumption is very essential. Today, the residents of Delhi are highly relying on the purification system of Aquafresh which employs the phenomenon of reverse osmosis and distillation.

The ROs and water purifiers by Aquafresh are highly in demand today in the Indian market, owing to its potential and advanced purification process that can purify the potable water, making it free from contamination and saltiness and safe for dinking. The manufacturer of Aquafresh ROs perfectly understands the significance of clean and uncontaminated potable water and hence the ROs and water purifier of Aquafresh are designed using highly quality purification process to ensure purified and healthy drinkable water for consumption and cooking.

Aquafresh is the renowned household brand today in Delhi and India as it is designed with advanced purification system to meet the demanding ANSI/NSF water quality standards. The ROs and water purifiers by Aquafresh are designed with RO+UV technology that claims to destroy all types of microorganism, bacteria, viruses, LEAD and RUST and the water quality rendered by the machine is monitored automatically without human intervention.

Aquafresh ROs use advanced and cutting edge technology to meet the different needs of domestic and commercial clients and comes with one year full warranty. The purification capacity of the machines varies from models to models. The purification method of Aquafresh ROs is designed to provide 100% satisfaction and clean water to households of Delhi and India.

The filtration process of Aquafresh ROs is very powerful that can remove even the tiniest and hardly visible particles and chemicals from water and make it 100% contamination free. So, the water you drinking from Aquafresh ROs are totally safe and pure. The filtration method of Aquafresh ROs not just only destroy the microorganisms and pathogens, but also remove the particulate contamination from potable water. The machine is also capable of removing inorganic pollutants like metals, chemicals.

The Aquafresh ROs and water purifiers are designed to remove all the organic and inorganic microorganisms and prevent you from having LEAD poisoning as it remove RUST and LEAD from the potable water during the filtration process. The RO+UV technology of Aquafresh water purifiers not just only remove particulate contamination from water, but also destroy the traces of sodium and saltiness. There are many health benefits associated with the RO purification system offered by Aquafresh ROs and water purifiers. The advanced purification system of Aquafresh ROs and water purifiers not just only make the water light and healthy for consumption, but also remove the traces of particulate contamination, thus you must not overlook the significance installing and using advanced purification system of Aquafresh.

If you have Aquafresh ROs and water purifier at your home and need prompt AMC and maintenance services from qualified and authorized professionals in Delhi, then you may approach Perfect Healthcare, the reliable and certified Aquafresh RO service provider of Delhi.

Levering years of experience and expertise in the field, Perfect Healthcare has confirmed its standing amongst the recognized and renowned names in the industry. Highly dedicated and focused in providing quality AMC services and maintenance of Aquafresh ROs and Water purifiers in most of the areas of capital city, including Gurgaon, Dwarka, Jankpuri, Vikaspuri, Delhi Cantt, Rajouri Garden and others.

Since Perfect Healthcare is committed towards offering highest quality servicing and maintenance of Aquafresh ROs, out services are highly in demand across the households and corporate sectors of Delhi/NCR. We are equipped with highly experienced team of engineers and technicians having rich expertise in handling varied models of Aquafresh ROs and water purifier. Our team of engineers focuses on catering unique needs of clients like installation of Aquafresh ROs, AMC and RO repairing and servicing.

Our RO repairing and maintenance service and support are exceptionally designed to offer our clients with Aquafresh RO service necessary for highest performance and lasting operations. To provide world class maintenance services and enhanced performance of the machine, we believe in using only genuine and certified spare parts procured from authorized dealers and suppliers. We are the dealer of renowned brands of water purifier and ROs, like Aquafresh and more. We specialize in quality spare parts and accessories of Aquafresh ROs and water purifiers that ensure peak performance of the machine and long lasting operations. In a bid to address the growing demands of customers for servicing and maintenance of Aquafresh ROs, we at Perfect Healthcare focus on providing comprehensive services which include, Quality assessment of problem, permanent fix of the problem, quality spares are used in service.

Our after sales services are highly acclaimed because we not just only focus on maintain the peak performance of the machine, but also committed towards providing the society with fresh and safe potable water for consumption. Our complete Aquafresh AMC services include, Timely visit, Only Quality Spare Parts, Expert Technician, Timely change of accessories and spares parts.

Perfect Healthcare is the certified and sales and service partner of Aquafresh RO water purifier and we deals in certified accessories and spare parts that are procured from authorized suppliers. All the maintenance and changing of spare parts and accessories are done under the supervision of qualified and trained engineers and technicians. We specialize in offering affordable and prompt servicing of Aquafresh RO. On receiving request for maintenance of Aquafresh ROs, we instantly alert the nearest engineers to your area so that they can visit you for prompt servicing of your Aquafresh RO with minimal disruption in your daily routine.

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