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We are known for Quality RO Service in Delhi (Dwarka) including RO Repair, AMC & Rental RO

Get quality RO Service in Dwarka, RO Repair in Dwarka & AMC of RO in Dwarka, Janakpuri, Vikaspuri, Delhi Cantt and West Delhi.

RO on Rent is also available

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RO is the best way to fight Water Pollution & we are the best RO service provider to keep your RO in right condition. We are the RO experts offering amazing RO Installation, RO service, RO Repair in Dwarka, Janakpuri, VIkas Puri, Delhi Cantt, & West Delhi. We deal in range of very High Quality RO Water Purifiers which can be compared with any branded RO Water Purifiers available in India, backed with international standard of after sales service. We provide quality service of RO Water Purifiers & always use best quality RO parts and accessories. Call us for Service/AMC of your RO Water Purifier

We service almost all big & small brands

You can call us if:

  • Want only the best quality service and nothing else
  • Are not satisfied with the current service provider
  • Are only concerned about the quality and not about the discounts, because our charges are genuine and just to get business we won't use sub standard spares
  • Want Same Day Service
  • Need Kent RO AMC
  • Need RO AMC (Other Brand)
  • Need New RO
  • Need RO Installation

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Quality Spares

Quality Service

Service Charge for Domestic Ro – Rs. 250 (One Hundred Fifty Rupees).

Installation Charge For Domestic Ro – Rs.500 (Five Hundred Rupees).

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RO Troubleshooting

Water Tastes or Smells Peculiar

Bad or strange taste or smell in water could be a cause of fouled membranes or clogged filter cartridges of the reverse osmosis system. If the filter cartridges of RO are blocked, you need to replace them. If you found the membrane to be fouled, get the water tested for TDS...

Slow Water Flow/Low Water Production

The fouled membrane or choked filtration cartridges of RO. When the membrane gets fouled, it needs to be replaced. If the filters are blocked, their replacement becomes essential. Filtration cartridges...

Milky/Cloudy Water in Reverse Osmosis System

This is primarily caused by air in the RO filter system. This is an ordinary occurrence with the initiation of a RO system. The milky appearance will vanish with normal usage during the initial few days...

Noise from Faucet or Drain

A gurgling sound from the drain or air-gap may give ear to during the regeneration cycle.
This condition in a reverse osmosis can occur from the location of the drain saddle, limitation in the Black 3/8” drain tube...

Water Continually Flowing (Won't Shut Off) in a RO system

A constant running of water to the drain may be a result of low pressure in feed water (below 40 psi), a swirl in the supply line tube, exhausted auto shut-off valve or low air pressure in the system’s tank...

No drinking water comes out

The tank is fairly heavy but when you press the air valve then no water comes out of it. It indicates that the tank bladder is perfectly okay but the holding tank is required to be re-pressurized...

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RO Installation

As per a recent research, water bottle or tap water could actually be a health risk. Chemicals called phthalates, which are known to distort testosterone and other hormones in a human body, can seep into bottled water over time.

The study suggests that it merely takes 10 weeks to add Phthalates to the Water. You can now imagine about how long bottled water sits before it gets to the store, to the rack and then you really drink it. Researchers have associated phthalates to attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder,

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AMC Contract Terms & Conditions for Domestic RO:

Sr. No.MODELAMC PLANPriceServiceFiltersMembraneElectrical PartsPlastic Parts
1.Non Storage ManualNon-Comprehensive2200.00YesYesNoNoNo
2.Non Storage ManualComprehensive3200.00YesYesYesYesYes
3.Ro with StorageNon-Comprehensive2200.00YesYesNoNoNo
4.Ro with StorageComprehensive3500.00YesYesYesYesYes
5.RO+UV with StorageNon-Comprehensive2200.00YesYesNoNoNo
6.RO+UV with StorageComprehensive3500.00YesYesYesYesYes
7.RO (UTC)Non-Comprehensive2200.00YesYesNoNoNo
8.RO (UTC)Comprehensive3500.00YesYesYesYesNo (incl. Faucet)

Why you need a Quality RO Water Purifier?

Quality RO and in some cases UV gives you 100% pure water which would be free of organic matter, chemicals, heavy metals and smell and have low maintenance cost too, where as a low quality or cheap RO compromise on quality of filters, tank (outer plastic body) & other accessories and demand high maintenance cost. In three months only you can observe the low quality of water dispensed by the cheap ROs.

For last 20 years we are into quality RO Water Purifiers with a brand AQUA ROYAL. We have earned a good reputation among our customers. We have maintained the best retention of our customers.

What is the cost difference of Cheap RO and a Good Ro?

Difference could of approx. Rs. 3000/-, that means You have to spend Rs. 3000/- Approx. more on good quality RO to get the best quality and you will be saving on maintenance as good quality RO demands less maintenance.

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Few things which makes the difference in Quality RO and Inferior RO:

  • Outer Tank (Outer Plastic Body)
  • Filters or Membrane
  • UV Light (Ultra Violate Light)
  • Other Accessories used in RO Water Purifier
  • Assembly of RO Unit

RO Service & AMC

We are into service of RO, Repair of RO, RO on Rent and Maintenance or AMC for RO of any Brand. With us you can be sure of best of services and product.

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